Growlab is changing the agri-business game

We see possibilities and turn them into designed solutions 

With a deep understanding of every part of the supply chain, Growlab can give agri-businesses the kind of oversight they never knew they could have. So instead of feeling at the mercy of the seasons, conditions, and markets, they’ll feel empowered to get their business where it needs to grow.


Enabling better business

The Growlab team is a mobile R&D unit and innovation lab. We use research, data, and technology to unlock value and to help you produce more, waste less, and grow better every day. So you can innovate, improve, and put more food on the world’s table.

Mobile Research and Development

Most agri-businesses don’t have the people, budget, or time to do their own research and development. Growlab works like your own mobile R&D unit. We dig deep into your business - sleeves up, and boots on the ground - so we can help you make more possible.

Innovation Lab

Growlab specialises in rethinking our approaches to horticulture; we exist to promote, create, enable, and unlock new ways of developing value in and across supply chains. We are creators of new ideas and activators who facilitate fresh ways of thinking; co-creating with you and integrating the latest research, data and digital technology into elegant solutions that spark powerful, long-lasting change.

Global citizens

The world is growing, and so is the pressure to produce more from less. Growlab is empowering producers to meet the demand in a way that’s good for business, good for the environment, and good for communities.

Help with funding

Unlike fruit, money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why Growlab will walk you through the R&D funding application process, and help you secure the funds you need to achieve the results you want. And better yet, Growlab are an approved R&D research provider.

If that all sounds good to you then we'd love to chat

Growlab is based in Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty. We work with agri-businesses to translate knowledge and technology into value and create insights that help their business grow.

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