How we work with you

We work with you to  see possibilities and turn them into designed solutions and sustainable pathways.

We see that the pieces are there to do better.

The Growlab team have decades of experience in the agriculture and horticulture sectors; from labour intensive experience on farm and in orchard, to some serious academic research, through to the commercial sector and developing industry changing innovations.


We have a deep understanding of how to develop better value throughout the supply chain and a strong sense of responsibility to take action on this for all stakeholders. From the lab to pickers to packers and exporters, GrowLab is a central hub connecting and inter-weaving every moving part. That way, we can see the big picture and the even bigger steps needed to create change.

Addressing supply chain challenges from the orchard and back again.

  • How does seasonal variation affect crop storage potential and inventory and supply decisions?

  • What is the optimum harvest window for maximum returns to growers?

  • What data from the orchard will enable effective decision making and how do you access and use it?

  • What information from the supply chain will support more effective orchard management and how do we act on it?

Enabling Research and Development. Emphasis on the Development

  • We collaborate, co-create, and integrate to scope and deliver effective R&D projects to allow you to innovate and capture new value for your business alongside business as usual.

  • We help you access funding to enable R&D for your business

Develop strategies for proactive use of data and technology

  • Data audit: where is the unmet potential for knowledge, information, and data to lift your business activities?

  •  Data strategy: what are your long-term goals and how can you make the best use of emerging technologies to meet these goals?

  • Converting intellectual capital into structural capital: transforming tacit knowledge and disparate information into a robust framework that improves business operations and sustainability

Converting technology into value and meaning

  • Converting technology into value and meaning.

  • Framing data science by understanding what data is required and how it needs to be used.

  • Translating measurements and data into meaning by: relating the biological relationship to the measurement or data, understanding the application and constraints of technology, co developing the use case for the measurements.

Find out more about us

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Growlab is based in Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty. We work with agri-businesses to translate knowledge and technology into value and create insights that help their business grow.

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